Le K Spa

Many, many years ago while out on one of the Kavalks we were approached by a couple who owned a wooden boat.

“Nice boat.  Who restored her?” was the question.  After explaining Kavalk is our line which we design and build, they wanted to know if we would consider restoring their boat.  After going through the craft, writing a detailed estimate which was accepted we started taking on rejuvenation projects.

Le K 1
Le K 2
Le K 3
Le K 4
Le K 5

Since then we have restored, rejuvenated and repaired too many boats to count.  They range in size and brand – Rivas to that “good luck” fishing boat.

Each and every one is treated and cared for in the same way we work on our older Kavalks while being a guest at Le K Spa.

Le K 6
Le K 7
Le K 8
Le K 9
Le K 10
Le K 11
Le K 12
Le K 13
Le K 14

With questions regarding Le K Spa’s amenities or pre-owned boats go to our Contact page.

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